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I hear ya.....

My pup wouldn't eat just about anything until he was starving. I tried Primal freeze dried, Stella and Chewy, plus a bunch of kibbles.

The only food he ate happily was what we gave him when we visited my dad. And that was whatever protein we were eating.

A lightbulb went off and I realized that was what he really liked and ate happily. So I bought Honest Kitchen and Dr. Harvey's base mixes. He ate the Honest Kitchen for a bit, but when I bought Dr. Harvey's he really started eating it happily and regularly.

I also have an issue that most days he doesn't want to eat twice. If I go out, I leave him some Stella & Chewy freeze dried without hydrating, and if he's really hungry, he'll eat it. So now I'm trying to feed him only once a day.

So I have 2 foods in my arsenal that he'll eat...
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