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The pace of this month's contest is slower. We have two categories this month to choose from:

Theme #1: A Light in My Life. Your poodle or poodle-mix photographed in soft lighting. This could be candle light, the light from a fire place, sunrise or sunset, or soft lighting in a room at home. He, she or they can be doing anything, from sleeping to sitting next you giving you comfort, or wherever you imagination takes you. You may enter 1 to 3 photos.

Theme #2: Reflections. In this category you've written a poem about how much your poodle or poodle-mix means to you, and it is to be accompanied by 1 to 2 photos. This can be older favorite photo, and/or a new one.

Go to this PF link to enter thru the end of this coming Sunday, March 22nd.
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