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Not to get technical on ya but unless the dog has more white markings on its body or hind legs they are called Abstracts ;)
Do you like the partis with or without the ticking Purple Poodle? I thought I read in some clubs it is a fault, but I LOVE it!

Dolly is covered in spots, but her sister and mother are not. Also I was told one time that white toe nails are preferred over dark nails in parti-poodles, not sure if that is show or breeding preferences, either...ever heard of that one?

Which club says that 50/50 white/other color is preferred or maybe its at least 50% of the dog having some other color besides white. I have seen TONS of people calling their abstract pups parti-color...even a puppy with a spot of white on its chest a parti...

Brit...don't worry, he is indeed what most would consider a tuxedo...but normally you have to breed a parti to a parti to get a parti-colored puppy.

Some call abstracts mis-marks, but that is considered an "ugly" term so words like abstract and tuxedo took over.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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