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Pick your category!

Hi PF Poodle Lovers! We're accepting entries for our February Photo Contest. Click here to enter.
This month we have two categories to choose from:

1) Poodle Love - 1 to 2 photos of your poodle or poodle mix where it is doing something that you love about him or her. It could be as simple as a favorite pic that makes your heart smile, or with other dogs or pets or adults/kids. If you submit more than one photo they will voted on as a group.

2) Tell A Fairy Tale Day - Credit to Rose n' Poos for introducing me to Fun Holidays (link).
Set your imagination free and give or write a simple story with 1 to 5 photos about your poo's inner fairy tale.

My name is Dolly Madison, and I live in the 1800s and am married to the President...​
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