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The life of a bouncy poodle

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It's so hard to capture Vega in a picture sometimes, he bounces around so fast and hair goes everywhere and I just know the sensor in my camera is having an ulcer all at the same time wondering what to do!

Anyway, I got a few nice photos of vega bouncing around my parents yard. We are in Dallas visiting and he loves bouncing around new areas. Dodger is here as well but she doesn't feel well :( I think she might be home sick? We've been traveling a bit. If she doesnt perk up soon im taking her to the vet for a check up.

I did get one photo of Dodger mid-yawn, lol.


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Oh Vega could amuse himself with his own tail for hours...and he's done it before. He is always finding a new game to play with people and he was very fascinated with that boot.
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