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The latest photos of Vega

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I've been so busy with work and him I haven't had a chance to post some of the updated pics i've been taking.

Here you go, enjoy!

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I'm loving the blue nailpolish - what brand is it? I can't get the stuff I have to give me good coverage on darker nails. Even my cream girl takes like five coats to get decent color lol.

He is soooo cute!! I just love his face, he looks so sweet!
I'll have to look in the salon tomorrow, we have color paw and quick dry something or other. The quick dry stuff works much better than the color paw, at least for going over dark nails.

The color paw is wonderful as far as selection of colors but I'll usually use the quick dry stuff and then colorpaw over it if they want that color.

I'll get the exact name next time im in there.
I love his nails too. I was wondering what blade you use for his face? It is a nice length.
I actually just did his face. I hardly had any time in the salon and only had a few minutes to do it. I used a 10 blade. I need to go back over it tomorrow, i missed a few spots but I was in a hurry.
I have whatever the one from petedge is... I forget. It looks GREAT on my nails, just do a quick top coat over it for shine if I have the time lol. It doesn't do so fantastic on dog nails though. It's very thing, even on white nails you need several coats to get coverage. The last time I did Jazzer's nails I used people nail polish, the jet set stuff from ...ummmm I forget which company lol. It worked much better.

I actualy don't paint nails much in my salon. In fact the only dog's I ever do are my own and the other shop gaurd doggie Angle. I think other than that I only done one client's dog, and that was back in October when I started up.
He is such a handsome dog. I love the photo of you holding up his paw for the camera. You both have great eyes!
he is so beautiful! I love the pix with you!
He is gorgeous!!! I would also like to know the name of the nail polish. The blue looks so nice on him. I love the last picture. Priceless!
Puppies you gotta love em', he is just gorgeous.
I want another one right now **stamps feet**
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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