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The "grooming" pics - unofficially

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Sorry for the delay. I took some pictures of Wrigley- complete with his cute bandana the groomer gave him, with my Kodak camera and for some reason the pictures won't upload. I hate this camera (I bought it at Thanksgiving and I have a terrible time downloading pictures.)
So, I got out my old camera yesterday and took a few but they are action and not quite as good.
I am happy with it - it definitely makes him seem more "official" and it is much easier to brush out the dead grass that he likes to roll in. There are a few places that are choppy because he had knots and I told the groomer that if it was a knot that I hadn't found, she didn't have to work too hard on them, she could just cut them out. (So his tail look a little funny).
Oh and we had his first obedience class last night. He did REALLY well. I was so pleased. He made the poodle breed proud! :)


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