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That time I failed at waterless shampoo

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aka today. Just now.

I was taking pictures of the small, yappy one outside, and he - being small and wooly - attracted and hoarded small bits of leaf/godknowswhatelse debris in his hair. After trying for about 20 seconds to pull the tiny bits out, I gave up. Thinking to myself, "I don't have the patience for this." Thankfully, I don't own any doggy clippers, as I would probably just shave his butt off. The hair, anyway.

However this BRILLIANT thought popped into my head... "Hey! I just bought waterless shampoo at the pet boutique! I'll try it out!" Every exclamation mark is true to the story. I was that excited. And eager.

It seemed cool enough at first, kinda smelled like a candy I wouldn't have ever eaten, came out in cool foam form, and is from the John Paul people that make actual human hair products. I was overjoyed.

I am not, now.

Needless to say, I put the first squirt of foamy wonderous magical waterless shampoo on him, and much to my dismay, it just accumulates in one spot. I can not, for the life of me, make it move. The directions say, "lather beginning at head (avoiding eyes and ears) towards tail." I tried. I really did.

Now he is a crunching, tangled, licorice smelling mop of a poodle. Pictures cannot do it justice, I have taken many to try and show what happened, but none of them look as bad as it really is.

I want a refund... or advice! Anyone have any?
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I've only tried a couple of waterless products and wasn't impressed. I think they must work on Boxer and Chihuahuas, not dogs w/ thicker coats. I used these wipes on a Harley and he looked clean, then I ran my finger down his back and there were brown streaks from the dirt in his undercoat. If it were my dog, I would brush w/ some conditioning spray or just throw them in the tub and condition first. The conditioner makes things just slide out of the hair.

Oh, I wanted to add that you should look at the bottle. I bought some expensive brand of shampoo ($12 for a tiny bottle) at Petsmart a few months ago and hated it. They're marketed based on smell and Bailey didn't smell at all after his bath, plus his coat was very dry. The bottle said money back guarantee and they gave me a full refund. Won't help w/ dog shampoo, but I buy most of my hair products and make up at CVS b/c they have a money back guarantee on all of it. It's nice b/c I try a lot of things I normally wouldn't.
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Oh no!

(Sorry to laugh but you told the story so amusingly).

This is what I would do:
Keep the photos, give him a real water bath, condition and brush.

But I would email the pictures somewhere and complain, ask for a refund.

I love the 'show off' spot shampoo that people recommended on here...and it smells like mint. :)

Good luck.
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Yeah just wash it out. I don't think I'd use waterless shampoo on a poodle. Funny story though.
Now that it is partially dry, it looks slightly better. And by "slightly", I mean "who am I kidding?"

The real bath (he needs a real one anyway seeing as he pees on himself every time he goes outside, I was just trying to be quick and efficient) will have to wait until later tonight.

So, also, another question... since I am still new to poodles... um, conditioner? Should I be using this?

I usually just bathe him, towel dry, and let him run amuck until he is dried. (I'm also bad about not brushing... I know, I'm horrible.) The groomer said that he was in, and I quote, "great shape" when I brought him in. Which I found slightly hilarious as I don't usually do anything to his hair, aside from the random brushing when I think he would look cute all poofy. AND, I'm not even sure I'm using the right brush. Thank GOD I got the easiest poodle hair in existance.

I think I'm in for a rude awakening in the future when I get another.
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Hehe, very funny story! Would love to see the photos even if they don't fully show how bad it was. :)
I wouldn't condition unless his coat or skin looks dry or you're having trouble working out burrs, leaves or tangles. It also depends on the shampoo you use. When I said condition him first, I meant use the conditioner to get the debris out of his coat and then shampoo him. Same w/ conditioning spray, it helps to work out tangles and burrs. I have a Maltese and his conditioning needs are different.
Oh, I'll post them later, lol. You'll have to excuse my messy house and dirty floors, though!

Also, tried to just wet towel it off. Which made it lather EVEN MORE THAN ORIGINALLY. Yeah. Never again.

This stuff will, however, be perfect for TheQueen. She has a smooth coat and is a glutton for punishment.

Well, now I have to go to work. Blah. I think I'll bring the poor guy with me!
I'm sorry for your trouble with the shampoo, but your story of it made me laugh. I really needed that! Thanks!
That's so odd, the only waterless shampoo I've seen was a powder! We love pictures! And we'll make the experience a 'funny story' rather than a bad memory! ^^
ROFL, sorry, I guess it's not funny. Wellllll, it's kinda funny - maybe. Bummer that you're going to have the rinse your waterless shampoo with WATER to get the mess out :p

What brand was the waterless?? I want to make sure to stay away from that one :p You're sure it wasn't expired or anything right? LoL. I've had reasonably good luck with waterless shampoos, but only on small areas of poodles, never really attempted to use one all over. The stuff I've used though has been pretty liquid, the only foam one I've used was made by hummmmm darn can't think of the name... black bottle... pink writting?? Anyway I've never used that one on poodle at all. Mostly I use stuff like that for "spot cleaning" and don't notice that it's really squeeky clean or anything. I've just done it on occasion when I don't have time to bathe right that second to hold me over with a "clean enough" dog until I can toss 'em in the tub and really clean them.
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The evidence... he looks horrible. For your viewing pleasure!
Ugh, I just realized the attachments didn't... well, attach. It was taking forever, and I must have given up and forgotten about it. *sigh*

Hope this time works!

He was a greasy, nasty looking mess... only the top of him was wet and soapy, everything else was fluffy and full of leaves.


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Lol he looks a little frazzled.

"Mom! Get it off! Get it off get it off!"
Lol he looks a little frazzled.

"Mom! Get it off! Get it off get it off!"
lol, I wish it was that... more like, "Moooooooommm... you're walking around and I am not being picked up. Pick me up now! Now! Now! Mom... ma... mommy... mama... mom... mom? MOM!"

This is how his day goes. He wants to be picked up and held the entire day, then decides he wants down for a split second and there he is again, jumping on your legs wanting up. I have GOT to figure out how to kick the jumping! lol
john paul waterless shampoo is mostly for cats ive used it on them before at work to get the best results its always best to dry and brush the coat when u have put it on...

persoanlly i wouldnt use it on a poodle as the coat is best washed properly..

bless him tho he does look funny
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