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Texas member looking for large mini puppy

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I've been a member on the site now for a couple of months. I have been doing a lot of research and vetting of potential breeders. I've narrowed my search to four and hope to hear from some members on the following breeders (good and bad).

We are looking for a large miniature (18-25 lbs). Our top choice in color is red/apricot, then black, brown, silver. Would love to find a reputable breeder of red/apricot who I could visit and see/meet the puppies and parents.

I will post this into the breeder forum, but since I'm making my introduction now, here is my list. Any/all feedback is welcome and appreciated. PM if you need/want to keep something off the public post.

Morning Glory Poodles - San Antonio, Tx
Alegros Poodles - Denton, Tx
Karbit Poodles - Reno, NV
Scarlet's Fancy Poodles

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome, glad to see you've posted.

Morning Glory looks like a very discriminating breeder, has Aery Mpoos, and is a Breeder of Merit. Looks to limit breedings, too. I'd be in contact.

Allegros, absolutely. If she doesn't have something, she can refer you.

Karbit, I've read they are a good breeder. Worth a contact.

Also consider Ash's Mystical in the Las Vegas area; she has Mpoos.

These options look like good starting points and maybe answers to me :).
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Hi Kim, just based on the website, I would rule out Scarlet's Fancy Poodles. I agree with Streetcar that the rest look great. I love the look of Allegro's and Morning Glory's dogs.
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take a look at alegria in arizona. if i were looking for a silver mini, i think i might start there. gorgeous dogs.
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You've got a great short list! I found the breeder I liked first, and waited for a litter. Best wishes on finding a great puppy!
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Hello all. I wanted to thank all those who helped me on this forum find my first baby Tango. He'll be 2 in December. We are now getting puppy number 2 as well.

I'm trying to add a picture of Tango (21 months) and also the new sable puppy (8 days old).

Good info on this forum. Thanks again everyone.


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