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Puppies are like toddlers, they have to be watched constantly. Is this a case of Frankie chewing on the couch right in front of you or doing it while you are trying to make dinner? If you are with him and he will not leave something alone, I find that a squirt bottle does wonders.

Since you can't possibly watch Frankie all the time, what are you doing with him when you are otherwise occupied? Are you tethering Frankie to yourself or confining his space? When I am not directly interacting with a puppy, I like to use baby gates and X-pens and crates to keep a puppy in a certain area. This helps with house training too.

Also, based on your previous posts, I'm very worried about the fact that you are leaving Frankie home alone for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. A Toy at 9 weeks should be eating AT LEAST 3 TIMES A DAY and probably 4 times. Toys can suffer from hypoglycemia and this can lead to seizures. (Where did this dog come from? Did your breeder not tell you this?)

Have you hired a pet sitter to come in during the day? Frankie may be using piddle pads now, but you are going to have to move to real house training at some point and this means learning bladder control. A puppy can be crated during the day for as many hours as it is months old + 1. So Frankie could be crated at this age for 3 hours at a stretch, but he would need to be taken out 4 times during your work day. Do you have friends and neighbors who could help you with this?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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