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Anyone have any tips to reduce tearing at all? I've heard different foods can help with staining, but my guys just tear (Lincoln more than Tsuki).
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I heard it was due to the ears needing to be cleaned.
Never heard that one before.... I suppose it can't hurt lol, never hurts to have clean ears!

Keeping the hair short in front of the eyes helps to be honest.

I know there are a lot of products you can use to try and get rid of the staining already present. Some work better than others. Regular 'ol peroxide on a q-tip worked great for me in the past.

There are also things you can add to the food that suppposedly help. My mother used angel eyes a long time ago and liked it. I don't use it myself. I'm pretty lucky their neither of my poodles have tearing, though both of my tibbies do.
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