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Teachin him to be happier outside again!

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My minipoo used to love spending half a day outside, just lounging in the sun, chasing birds, digging, doing what dogs do. Then he started jumping out of the yard, despite it being large and what we would call securely fenced!

Outside time became closely supervised and less frequent, and exercise increased while we ordered in trellis to extend the height of the problem fence. He's loved the extra challenges with training and some added physical activity, but now the fence is sorted, all he wants to do is be by my side! I'm a stay at home mum, so this is pretty usual, and I do appreciate that he is a poodle and that is what they do, but it's nearly sad to see that without the exposure to the yard it's not a 'fun place' for him anymore.

Of course, we are in Summer now and maybe with the weather and the runs all he wants to do is mope around the front door.

Any thoughts appreciated :)

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This is typical Poodle behavior. In my experience, nothing is as interesting to a Poodle as its owner.
Yeah, Its just weird he used to like having a good ol run outside, before we restricted him.

Oh well :)
Maybe you can give him fun activities to do outside WITH you? Like simple things- maybe bury some of his favorite toys (outside friendly ones of course) in the dogy sandbox if you have one or our favorite outdoor game is fetch, Ocsi is obsesed with fetch!

Do you go outside with him when he goes out to the backyard? :confffused:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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