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The breeder that I got Gunther from told me that she feels the tail from the base...the first few bones are thicker,than it starts to thin out...go 2-3 of the thin bones and cut there.
Another rule of thumb is measure the tail in 3 parts and leave 2/3,cutting off 1/3.You have to remember that some pups are born with shorter tails,so you have to do some good estimate.
A stacked poodle's tip of the tail should be at the level of his/her head.
And most importantly,it has to be done 3-5 days after birth,before the bones in the tail start to harden.
Having said all this...I really wish Gunther's tail was left just a tad longer,even tho it is in the right proportion,I think my preference is a tail on the longer side.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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