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Swimming Saleen

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She jumped in and then decided it was a wee bit chilly lol and for a moment couldn't pull herslef back up on the bank. Maybe getting closer to the duck wasn't worth it after all :p

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Hubby was annoyed with me though when he saw I'd gotten her wet, he wasnt thrilled about wet poodle in the car and I'd left the towel sitting next to the car instead of putting it in when we left lol.
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It must have been quite a shock for her! LOL I like the first pic of her going into the water! Dianne and I always have a couple of blankets in the car for unexpected events.
Ditto on the blankets. I keep a blanket covering my backseat in my car along with a towel on top of that just because of the dogs. Oopsie though, we didn't take my car Haha, Saleen was climbing her muddy paws into the backseat of my husbands mustang. The fact that I named her Mustang Sally and used the name of his favorite 'stang as her call name didn't smooth things over. I remind him of that every so often and he just rolls her eyes and says 'yeah yeah yeah' LoL. I could have used a vampire name like I wanted so I think he shouldn't complain about letting little miss mustang sally into the back of his car, muddy paws or no.
I wish Cassy would swim ._.
The lil scardy cat jumps in with us and then starts crying as soon as a wave hits her... n it could be a little wave.. like a splash from you swimming. She thinks water is out to get her or something, but wants to be with me so badly she puts up with it and jumps in. Then she crys when the water moves
That sounds a little bit like something Howie did as a puppy. I hadn't closed the door all the way when I went in to take a shower and next thing I know I rinsed my hair and see Howie poking his head around the shower curtain with a "whatcha doing?" kind of expression. He was probably 6 months old at the time. He sniffed a couple of time and I splashed a little water off my fingers at him hoping he'd go away. Nope he jumped in and then started SCREAMING b/c OMG he was wet!! It was in a crappy hotel room, we were at nationals so the water was just barely luke warm so I know it didn't burn him. LoL. I almost fell down laughing. It was almost as good as the time he freaked out over the toilet flushing (same hotel room, same trip) and barked at it and tried to jump in.
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