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Well I would first do a vet check to make sure he is not in any pain when being picked up Once the vet gives the everything ok then I would call in a trainer to your house so they can see exactly what he is doing.
Does he have a safe spot he can go to where he is left alone? Crate, bed , corner of the couch that once he is there nobody bothers him or touches him?
You can call him off or out but he should have a spot that is his time out spot and same thing if he is bad you can have a time out from him by having him stay there.

My personal thought is he is being a spoiled brat and it worked once where he growled and got left alone so he is trying it more and more.
Some NILIF would probably help as well right now to remind him where he belongs in the family.

they sit before you open a door, never pet if they nudge you but have them do something first sit, down ,shake a paw.
Down before they get dinner, before water.
Basically they must do something for you before you do something for them.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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