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sundays bath and fluff

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Good thing we had the bath today as I found a huge tick in her shoulder.
I had been petting her in morning and didn't see it but when blow drying it seperated the hair and I saw it. At first I thought she had a hole in her from a fight with Casey but then realized what it was.
They got into it when I put her down to zoom after her bath and he kept jumping on her so she let him have it. More noice then anything but was LOUD
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Yeah, ticks seem to be heavy this year. My husband has a guy that works with him that went for a walk in his fields and when he got back he found 4 ticks on his legs. Definitely a year to keep an eye on your special pals that can't check themselves.

She looks cute in that cut. And, she does make me think of those stuffed pink poodles... lol.
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