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I emailed Sue. Like I said she lives in Regina and we used to know one another years ago.

Anyway, I told her about Cooper and being excitably and what did she think of a prong collar. Here is her reply:

"Liz, I don't like the prong collar because the reason for the prongs is to hurt the dog. Yes, sometimes you get better control by threatening to hurt the dog, but often you get unwanted related problems, such as pain aggression, or the dog using the pain to ramp up the adrenalin while he gets more and more excited.

I much prefer the Easy Walk or similar harness, which has the leash-attachment ring on the front. The harder the dog pulls, the more the harness turns him around to face the person holding the leash. As you say, this is not a training method, but a management method while the dog is being trained."

So, I am going to give that a try. No point in asking her if I am not at least going to give her advice a try.

I thought I would share this with you. I am not totally against the prong. I would just like to try her idea first.
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