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Submissive peeing

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We have been having a terrible time with Jenny and the peeing. She has done it since we got her and I guess I thought that once she became more comfortable with her surroundings and got over her puppy fears she would stop, but she hasn't stopped. She does it when people she doesn't know greet her and whenever she thinks you are going to make her do something she doesn't want to do, like get in the car or get a bath. If I can catch her off guard and get a leash on her she will get into the bath and the car with no problems, but if she has an idea of where she is headed then she pees. It's driving me nuts! We want to take her places with us and help her get more socialized, but we can't as long as she is going to pee everywhere. I haven't gotten her into obedience classes because I don't want to deal with the mess she will make everytime she is approached. She knows basic commands, but she needs the socialization. I have thought about getting a diaper for her so that we can at least take her places without having to worry so much about the mess, but is there something I can be doing to help her stop? Will she eventually outgrow it? She is 7 months old and otherwise completely housebroken.
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Glad to see you! I can't be any help but I did want to say that Sophie is having the same trouble. She is only 13 weeks but whenever my husband goes to talk to her or play with her - she does it. So I'll be very interested to hear what others say.
Oh - and can you post some new pictures of her? I would LOVE to see how she is growing. I just got Wrigley a new crate this week because he has outgrown the first one I had for him. When I set it up, my husband said - "Something THAT big should not be in the house". I call it our indoor garage! :)
I saw the pics of Wrigley in the pics section, he is so cute! I love this awkward, all legs stage. And Sophie is just beautiful! Where did you get those adorable pants? That's what Jenny needs! I know what you mean about the crates they are obnoxious. We aren't using one anymore, Sam and Jenny both sprawl out in our bedroom when we are not home and they've been doing fine. I took some pics of Jenny today, she is a real pain to take pictures of. She either turns her back to me or she yawns the whole time, LOL!!


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WOW - I LOVE HER! She is just beautiful. I hope Sophie turns light like her (but Sophie has started out a little darker so we'll see). I love her. And am really impressed that you can leave her in a room - Wrigley would eat EVERYTHING.
Speaking of submissive peeing - my DH went to pick her up off of our leather couch last night and he talked to her all happy before her touched her, then he pet her head and scooped her up and sure enough she went all over the couch, blanket, and me. Augh!
I got Sophie's potty pants at a dog show but you can order them on ebay too. I think you can order them for what I paid at the show or even cheaper.
You just use a woman's panty liner on the inside and then it holds and doesn't even get the diaper wet if she does have an accident.
What about your husband giving her treats before he plays and when he enters the room? That way she will be excited every time she sees him insted of feeling like she has to show submission? My husband is very tall and talks really loud because he has a little hearing loss in one ear. Right now we are doggysitting my mothers dog and he's a little wary of DH so he gives him treats. Dh also plays with him quite a bit. It's helping but he's still stand offish. We'll only have him for the week so by the time we have him settled in he'll be gone...

I think this is another call for a professional. It seems to me that if you have problems with a dog's submissive or agressive behavior, it's 99.9% trainable.
If my husband goes to pick Inca up, she pees but if we get her to sit first and then he picks her up, she doesn't. It might be better if your husband goes down to her level, before playing with her, or teaches her a distraction for when he wants to pick her up. Inca is 2 and still does this when she greets people, if they try to engage with her before she is settled. For the sake of your carpets, always greet in the kitchen.
What a gorgeous white!!!! My next poodle has to be a white. I have not had experience with a dog who pees when nervous but I wish you luck in working it out. It must be hard for you when you want to take her out with you because they are such great company!
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