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Standards eating grains

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I was just wondering if any of your Standard Poodles have trouble with grains?

Our breeder and a friend have separately told us that their dogs had problems with grains. Our dog has always been fed a mix of grain-free kibble and raw. Yesterday we took her to the vet and they kept giving her treats (I think they were little milk bones...shudder) and I was trying to loosen up on it thinking just a few wouldn't hurt.

Well she got sick as soon as we got home. She's never gotten car sick before, nor sick after puppy class where she consumed TONS of snacks that were grain-free.

No more grains for Bella!
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Could have been treats, stress, shots, anything really

Mandy eats grain free just because she needs the higher protien
Casey eats Pedigree chicken and rice because I have tried many foods and that is the only feed he doesn't need to take a pill on to not have the runs.
Trust me I have tried. High protien like Orijen makes him pee to much and can't hold it.
Not going to bother any more he has 2 good solid poops a day looks healthy and is a good weight so be it.
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