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Standard Poodle breeders in the UK???

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Hi all!!

So, after looking at the new pictures of Rogan (and seeing how cute he is) , I have, at last found the reason to get a big brother for Jake, so im now looking for a decent breeder in the London area. Can anyone help me??? I really want a red standard, but my partner is keen to get a brown standard, so a breeder of these colours would be fab!!! Thanks
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Frances Ockford
Astroid Standard Poodles
Tel: +44 (0)1759 304 032
Web: http://brownpoodles.org/
Email: astroid72[email protected]

Breeder, Judge and Exhibitor of Standard Poodles, on and off for 20 years plus.
I have occasional litters, from my Brown bitches.
Puppies are sold with pedigrees endorsed and not for export.
I health test my bitches for S.A. and their eyes and hips will be scored.
I am concerned about the welfare of the breed, and and totally against
mixing pedigree breeds, so please if you are wanting to
mix our elegant poodles with anything else, don't come to me!

I know nothing about this breeder but thought I share this as a good starting point in your search!! best of luck :clover:
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