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All mine had the same thing when we moved into the 2 story house...we keep a gate at the top of the stairs so they can't go into the bed rooms unless they are supervised.

I went up there and would leave the gate open when I went up stairs in the morning to get the kids up, and of course slowly their curiosity got the best of them and one by one they would start coming up the stairs and would follow back down when I went. Now whenever they hear the gate at the top of the stairs they all RUN to see who can get onto the kids beds first...I call it the "6 am poodle alarm clock."

I am sure there is something food wise that would do it...perhaps some fast food or something normally not allowed but not dangerous?

My guys would jump into a burning building for some french fries and they recognize a certain restaurant's bag/smell and GO NUTS...perhaps show the bag then sit a few steps away, give a tid-bit when he reaches your step, then more away one more???
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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