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Spud's New Do!

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So the Tot got his haircut today. Exciting! I woke up waaaay before I had to be there and actually dropped him off 15 minutes early because I was that excited.

His beard will have to grow in because it wasn't long enough... so right now he's got a pseudo mustache and chops/fluffy face. S'ok... in 6-8 weeks Tate will have even more of a little beard! Yay!

So here is the only body shot I took... just now. His face is squished on the side because my hand was on his face to make him stay still!:

And here are some cute ones I took today because I could :)
His ears are all cute and cut to a point, they kill me! I love 'em!

His lil nose

Sorry they're a tad big. They didn't look big on my big monitor... but they seem a little HUGE on another screen!
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The monkey toes (one is higher than the other. He must have been wiggly!)

Better picture of his cute ears and poofy face!

And just a cute one I like (of course he couldn't have been in the part of the yard where grass actually grows... would have been too hard!)

That's all! He's really not one for pictures, so they're hard to get of him! Hope you liked.
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Oh my what a cutie!! Love his little fluffy face and those ears are killing me!! Awww, he looks awesome :)
Those ears are adorable! And so is his lil nose.
Haha, thanks guys... he's even cuter in person! It is a kind of odd cut, but I love it, and even A agrees it fits him. Which is huge! :p

Maybe I can get a better over-all body shot today. I completely forgot yesterday.

Also... I always thought his ears were big and floppy... and then they cut all the hair off! Haha, I like him with short ears... it may start being a regular thing!
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