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Juno- 5 month old Moyan poodle
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Hey all!
My pup Juno and I have been incredibly lucky to have avoided any and all mats for the first 9 months of her life, but unfortunately coat change has begun and within the last week I’ve found about three patches of mats in her scruff (one of the longest parts of her fur at the moment).
I have a bit of experience dematting dogs, though none with a poodle hair type, and I really want to keep her fluffy as long as possible. Obviously if the matting gets too bad or the weather gets too hot she will get a shave down, but at the moment she’s rocking 2-4 inches of fluff, with the exception of her back which has been shaved down to help a bit with the weather.

I have tried this query with Google and received pretty much no helpful information of any kind so I come to you with a problem: I need to find some kind of leave in or spray on conditioner for Juno but I have super super sensitive skin and all of the ones I’ve seen are a little bit risky looking to me, in all honesty.
What I need is advice on a natural conditioner of some kind or what sort of things I can use to make my own. I would prefer to do it myself so I know for sure what’s in it, but I am open to suggestions.

TLDR: I need a natural spray on/ leave in conditioner or advice on what to put in a homemade version.

Thank you guys so much for any help you can give!!

Here is an unrelated photo of the pup in question ♥ (It’s a bit old, but not too much has changed, other then a haircut)
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