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Sport update

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I thought that I would give you all an update on Sport. The vet is really happy with him since he looks so much better now. The bruising is gone. His platelet count is up to 55 which is about a third of what it should be but much better then it was 5 days ago. It was at 12 which is about a 14th of normal. (Normal is around 170) He is still on the same dosage of medication but we are hoping to reduce it in a week or so when his platelet count gets back to normal. He goes back to the vet next Monday unless he develops more problems in the meantime.

He is acting like his normal self again except that he has to go out VERY regularly.

I thought I'd post some pics I took today of him so you can all see how much better he is looking.

Thank you all for your concern and helpful comments. My family and I appreciate it and are so very thrilled that he is recovering.


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He is acting like his normal self again except that he has to go out VERY regularly.
Ahhhh... the joys of prednisone! :doh: Meika gained a lot of weight (well, a lot for her... Her normal weight was around 8.5 to 9 pounds, and on the predisone she was over 10!!) and drank GALLONS of water... She also needed to use "the facilities" a little more regularly until they adjusted her meds down. Once she was on her maintenance dosage, everything pretty much went back to normal!

I'm so glad Sport is responding well to the meds! I know the horrible feeling you get when you find out about an illness like this, and the relief you feel when you see medical science being able to help your family member return to a normal life!!

BIG HUGS ALL AROUND (and an extra one for Sport!!)
Hey, Trillium... a tip to help prevent a lot of weight gain on a prednisone medicated dog... when Meika was on higher doses of pred, she was constantly telling me that she was starving and hadn't had anything to eat for YEARS!!! I got tired of looking at those sad weiner dog eyes telling me how hungry she was - and I didn't want her to gain a lot of weight because overweight in dachshunds is a receipe for back problems... I asked my vet what I should do and she suggested bowlfuls of steamed green beans and mini carrots!! I bought fresh or frozen (never canned - too much sodium) and put them in my steamer until they were cooked but still crisp and put them in a bowl to cool for a few minutes... she would sit at my feet, salivating because she knew what was coming! :) Meika got to have a full tummy without all the fat and calories that she would've gotten had I kept feeding her all the kibble she could eat. She always got her normal kibble meal every day, but any extra food would be steamed veggies!!

Just an idea in case Sport continues to tell you how starving he is!!
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Hey, Deb!!!! That's what Meika was on for 4 years for her Canine Lupus (prednizone and Azathioprine) Her capsules were compounded here at a local human pharmacy because her dosage was so small (she was only 9-10 pounds) She did BEAUTIFULLY on the combination of those two meds for years!! It was the onset of bladder cancer that caused us to make the final decision to let her go (there was nothing I could do to manage her mulitple illnesses/diseases anymore)

We did have to do frequent blood tests to check her liver in her early stages of higher dose meds, but as we weaned and her liver functions were still good, we cut down her regular blood tests to once every six months!!

I'm optimistic now, too - I'm hoping that Sport responds as terrifically to the med combo as my Meika-Meika did!!!

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