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Sport update

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I thought that I would give you all an update on Sport. The vet is really happy with him since he looks so much better now. The bruising is gone. His platelet count is up to 55 which is about a third of what it should be but much better then it was 5 days ago. It was at 12 which is about a 14th of normal. (Normal is around 170) He is still on the same dosage of medication but we are hoping to reduce it in a week or so when his platelet count gets back to normal. He goes back to the vet next Monday unless he develops more problems in the meantime.

He is acting like his normal self again except that he has to go out VERY regularly.

I thought I'd post some pics I took today of him so you can all see how much better he is looking.

Thank you all for your concern and helpful comments. My family and I appreciate it and are so very thrilled that he is recovering.


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My cat was on it for months and all she did was drink water and pee.

So glad to hear the good news. I wonder if Sport wonders why you keep taking pictures of his privates. LOL
Yes my husband was commenting when I took the pics that Sport was looking a bit like he was saying really enough of that now regular pics are one thing but this is a bit much.

Sport is surely drinking a ton. When we went into the vets office they weighed him and he was 61 lbs but about 2 mins later he peed all over the vets floor. (He was house trained before he went on this stuff) when we were leaving the vets office he sat on the scale as I was paying and he was down to 60.2lbs. So he sure is peeing up a storm and drinking a ton. Not to mention he is eating like a horse. Oh well as long as he gets better I don't care. Besides as has been mentioned when his meds get cut down he should go back to normal.
I haven't talked to the groomer yet. But it is on my list of fun things to do. I'm glad I didn't earlier until I knew what the problem was as I'd have not been fair. However, when I do chat with her I've got topknot issues to discuss too. So it may be a long chat possibly with pics of how I'd like them to look. Not to mention the whole tell me about anything weird that you see with my dogs thing. We shall see how it goes.
you sure hit the nail on the head and Sport is gaining a bit of weight. However he is also getting a lot of exercise running in and out the door to use the washroom. So far the weight gain has been minimal. So its a wait and see thing. I'm waiting to hear tomorrow what his current platelet count is. I'm hoping that we'll be able to cut the dosage down soon. I'll let you all know how its going
Truth be told you guys are responsible for saving his life as I would never have thought to take him to the vet if it hadn't been for all of you. It simply didn't occur to me that there could be a serious problem with his health. I want to thank you all for your input and timely advice. It sure has made a difference in our family. Its a wonderful gift to be able to keep Sport with us for longer.
Well I heard back from the vet today about Sport's latest blood work. The news is not good. His platelet count is down to 33. It was at 55 last week. He isn't responding to the pred. They are going to try another drug in addition to the pred. I have to take Sport tomorrow to have more blood work done and get the new prescription. The problem with he new med is that it is apparently hard on the liver. I don't know the name of it yet but will tomorrow. They still don't know what is causing all this but the word cancer is coming up more frequently now. Frankly its not looking good. We are all pretty upset. Any thoughts
Oh I'm so sorry Trillium, I really thought Sport was on an upward swing. :( Are they thinking something like hemangiosarcoma or something that causes internal bleeding?
They haven't specifically mentioned hemangiosarcoma but are definitely worried about internal bleeding.
The blood work that we are going in for tomorrow is to check on the liver.
So the new medicine is Azathioprine 50 mg. According to the vet things are a bit better then I thought yesterday. Apparently its not uncomman for a dog to not respond to the pred. Sometimes they respond to the combination of the two. She said that statistically there is no difference in survivability rates between the dogs on pred. only and those on the two meds. So I'm feeling a bit more optimistic today.
Plumcrazy thanks for the information. It sure helps to make me feel better.
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