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Sport update

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I thought that I would give you all an update on Sport. The vet is really happy with him since he looks so much better now. The bruising is gone. His platelet count is up to 55 which is about a third of what it should be but much better then it was 5 days ago. It was at 12 which is about a 14th of normal. (Normal is around 170) He is still on the same dosage of medication but we are hoping to reduce it in a week or so when his platelet count gets back to normal. He goes back to the vet next Monday unless he develops more problems in the meantime.

He is acting like his normal self again except that he has to go out VERY regularly.

I thought I'd post some pics I took today of him so you can all see how much better he is looking.

Thank you all for your concern and helpful comments. My family and I appreciate it and are so very thrilled that he is recovering.


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Ohhhh, I just found this thread as was thrilled as I read each post to hear that he was doing better and was ready to add my congrats. I am sooooo sorry to read that things are heading in the wrong direction again. I hope that whatever is wrong is something that is treatable! Sending *HUGS* to you and your buddy, Sport.
OH, GOOD! I am glad to hear that at least there is a glow of light to look to. I hope it all works out perfectly for Sport. Sending good vibes your way!!!!! :)
1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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