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Hello pet-lovers!

With Halloween coming up, it can be spooky to potty outside alone! As the cooler temperatures are rolling in, it's important that we still are able to keep an eye on whether our dog is pottying outside. I know from experience that dogs get cold or are uneasy about pottying outside in the dark, cold.

But let's not forget about the owner who is up during the middle of the night letting your dog potty. If you find yourself cleaning more messes this fall and your dog is pottying outside less, Piddle Place can solve those issues. This indoor potty comes in three sizes and is easy to move around the house. Your pup can have the feeling of pottying outside with the grass, but the ease of going right to bed to snuggle up with you. The best part is is there are no Jack-o-lanterns or you waking up in the morning to clean the mess.

Find more information about this scary good deal at http://www.petsafe.net/house-training.

Comment below with any potty training questions or send your pup's cute halloween costume.
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