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I was wondering about Gunther's haircut. I was going to pm you but then thought that others might be curious too. Do you know how short his body is cut? Also, do you brush his legs daily to keep them long and fluffy? How often is he bathed? I'm taking Wriggs in for his first full body trim in two weeks and I like this cut but I'm trying to figure out the maintenance of this cut vs. Wrigley's love of rolling around in leaves and twiggs. :)
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I will ask the groomer for the details and post it as soon as I find out.
He goes in every 4 weeks.
In between,as needed,he gets showered at home....mainly legs(see picture).
I just towel dry him and let the hair air dry...I find this a good time to see the matts and remove them before he is completely dry.
As far as brushing...I"d say about every 3 days or so,with getting rid of new matts as I find them when petting him.
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