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Spoo bug bite starting next spoo search

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So I've only had Zulu for 8 months but I already know I want another spoo! I have to wait for at least another year or so but I was hoping to get your guys help. I've been reading posts and trying to partially solidify what I want to look for and I'm hoping to avoid the spontinaity that I got zu with. So please tell me if this is reasonable if you would look for something diff and if you know of a breeder who might fit

all health testing
temperment testing done correctly (I know there is no garentee for this but it does give some good info)
a dark dog (black, blue, brown) or white
no cream apricot of red (sorry guys just not my thing)
high prey/play drive
I want to do agility and love to train
strong retrieve (borderline ball ocd would be great!)
good coat and comformation
would consider showing if breeder would mentor
therapy dog delta and possibly hope aacr
very person motivated

some of this comes from what Zulu is not ( not a strong retrive very dog motivated strangers are ignored (not great for therapy) she is good to train but not overly motivated for it.) don't get me wrong I LOVE her to little bits!!! But there are a few things I'd like to have researched a bit better prior to getting her....
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I would send some email to Jaci Bowman at Oakwind. Although she does not breed herself, she has the type of stud dog and does the type of things you are looking for. I would ask her to give you a heads up if Woodie gets used.


You might also reach out to Vetset. The dogs they have coming down out of Vetset Ever Ready would meet your needs.

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