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I've only had jazz for three weeks now and already she is quite the spoke's poodle. She tells everyone at the dog park where she gets groomed and mommy sometimes has bussiness cards to hand out. She has already done community service at the kennel club's booth at the county fair where she promoted responsible dog ownership and awareness of anti-dog legistlation in our area. She comes to work with me every day and she has quite the fan club between the clients who know what happened with her and those that have just met her. Now her fan club happens to include the good people at the daily news. I groomed a dog who had happened to belong a reporter for the paper and he was so impressed that he came back to thank me and offer free advertsing in the form of a spot in the bussiness section highlighting the business and it's new groomer. This appeared in Sunday's paper and Jazz has already had several voicemails from current clients to say how cute she and angel looked, as well as some new ones who want to book appoitments for their dogs, several of the new folks are bringing in poodles, ya my favorite! This week should be fun!

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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