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Soooo Funny!!!

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My poodle mix is such a clown. Every single morning she lays down flat on her belly and then pulls herself along my carpet with her front legs. I finally cauht her in the act this morning and just HAD to share the picture!


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Yep, she scratching her tummy. Is she mixed with a yorkie? She looks like she has yorkie in her to me. She is very cute!!
Thank you for sharing.
According to where we adopted her she is a Yorkipoo, she has the silver and tan coloring of a yorkie, but her build, face and hair is definitely poodle.
We owned a toy poodle before, who passed away 6 years ago... and from what I can remember she definitely has the poodle personality and is extremely intelligent ... she is sooo goofy and just a real clown.
Poodles fascinate me - I don't think I'll ever own another breed.
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