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Something horrible happened.

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Something terrible happened. My son was taking Noodle for a walk and the leash got caught in the door of the elevator. Noodle died. My little boy had to watch the whole thing. He wasn't tall enough to reach him. We are devastated.

Noodle was the only thing making this whole “pause” thing bearable.

I just don’t know what to do.
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Oh no. I'm so sorry for you and you son. And poor Noodle.
Oh my goodness. How horrible!!! I'm so sorry your son had to see that and for the loss!
😥oh no ..I am so sorry . That has been one of my fears since seeing a video on YouTube about elevators and leashes.
Oh my God. My heart just shattered for you, your family, and poor Noodle. Your poodle community is grieving with you. 😭
Thank you all. I can’t think of any other words right now. There is a hole in our family.
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I’m so sorry to hear, my thoughts are with you.
This is beyond unfair and unreasonable. My heart is hurting for all of you.........
What a tragedy for your family. Heartfelt condolences for Noodle.
I have no words other than to say I am so terribly sorry. I will pray for you and your family.
That’s so horribly unfair. 🙁 It’s always the worst when an accident causes it.

Give your son a hug for me. That had to have been awful to watch. And then do something kind for yourself, too.

Sending virtual hugs.
This is a horrible accident. I am very sorry for the death of your dog, but also that your son had to witness this. This must be very traumatic for him. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with a therapist if you think he needs it.
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Oh my, I'm so so sorry. That is absolutely heartbreaking. I cannot imagine the pain you must be going through. And it must have been very traumatic for your son. I second Dechi's idea that a therapist would be absolutely justified and might be able to help him.
Reading this made me feel like I was punched in the stomach and got the wind knocked out of me.

I’m sincerely sad and sorry something this awful happened. I can’t even imagine what you guys are going through, especially your poor son. After the shock of this has passed I think it would be best to get him professional help to work through something so traumatic. He is going to have a lot of self blame, even though this was a freak accident and not his fault.

I seriously can’t imagine what you’re all going through, but I’m going to send prayers to you all.
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Give each other lots of hugs and cry as often as you need to. That’s the only thing you guys can do right now.
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I am so sorry
Oh how horrible for all of you - so terribly unfair And poor poor Noodle and your son to have to see it and feel helpless. Such a tragedy. Am holding you all close to my heart.
OMG! So sorry! My heart 💔 Your poor son and pup. That is so hard 😭 Sending my love 💜
Thank you all so so much. We are grieving together. It's been many years since both kids slept in our bed. I don't have the right words but my husband and I just held them as we all cried together. We said goodbye to our 15.5 year old Chihuahuas last April. It was hard but nothing like this. Noodle's first birthday was supposed to be June 2. His presents are hidden in the bathtub.

Edited to add: we will explore therapy or grief counseling for him but he is deeply resistant to anything that requires video communication so I am not sure. It may have to wait. This has been such a rough rough few months. Noodle was the shining star of it all.
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