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Somebody got a new squeezy toy!

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Bobby absolutely loves latex squeezy toys and these loofah dog ones are his absolute favorite! Yes, I do
spoil him. 😁
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Clearly Bobby is thrilled with his squeaky toy.

I had bought Theo this toy at Marshall’s and he loved it so I went to Google to buy more. Discovered the toy was cheap but shipping from China was crazy expensive. https://www.amazon.com/Multipet-Ori...multipet&qid=1623022072&s=pet-supplies&sr=1-9


I decided to buy these Chiwava ones instead and I’m so glad. Highly recommend these for dogs like Theo and Bobby who adore a good squeak. Suitable for a minipoo and spoo. They squeak easily whether pawed or chomped. I think tpoos could enjoy them too.


Both have soft rubbery feel that’s easy to squeak, but the Chiwava are made of silicon which is safer to handle than the latex of the multipet. Some people are seriously allergic to latex.

The chiwava are slightly thicker, have these little soft prickly parts to add texture The squeak Is much better although I was impressed with the multipet until I heard these.

We’ve had them a month and all three have gotten a good workout from my teething puppy and still look brand new.

Every time I hear them squeak I have to giggle.

I do put them up high during business zoom meetings…for obvious reasons.
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Petco sells the loofah dog ones as does Chewy if you’re interested.
We have several of the 12” loofah ones, they were prizes for placement ribbons in rally and obedience. One is currently in “hospital”. Not Covid related, just a war related injury from a game of tug. While both dogs play with and like the loofah, Theo adores these silicone toys.

Wise to limit access on anything that is becoming an obsession. I had to limit squeaker toys with my tpoo when she was elderly. She would get so wrapped playing with them and needed a break to relax.
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That photo of Bobby with it in his mouth is priceless. He looks so happy and proud, like he just retrieved a downed duck.

I’m so glad you got them. They are Theo’s favorite toy. Doesn’t that squeak make you smile? We also toss them for retrieving and when they hit the floor they bounce randomly which adds to the fun. They are so silly looking and colorful too.
She pulled the squeaker out of the butt end within days, so I had to pull the small amount of stuffing that was contained inside. It’s a very unique textured toy and otherwise holds up well to her chewing.
Did you get one of the fabric stuffed ones? Multipet make a huge variety. I have fabric ones too but they aren’t as squeaky as the silicone or latex versions . The silicone and latex don’t have any stuffing, at least none of mine do. my dogs love both the fabric and the silicone/latex style.

No, it is the latex one that is rubbery.
Wow. I had no idea there was fluff inside. When I squeeze mine, it feels empty.

Looks like Lacey had a lot of fun with it.
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