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Some of my other animals

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I found the battery to my camera so I started takings some pics last night. I'm pretty excited, it's been weird not being able to take a ton of pictures of my critters.

This is Kaitlyn, the Irish Wolfhound mix. She's 7 and she enjoys walks on the beach, sitting on people's laps, and going to a nearby field to play with her two little friends(a rat terrier and a corgi mix).

This is Gwena, I'm actually just borrowing her from my parents for a little while, she's going back home when I go to pick up my spoo puppy.

My cat Sadie, I've had her about a year now, she's a longhaired manx and is a total sweetie. She was raised around huskies so she's really good with big dogs.

And this is one of my roommate's cat, Hally. I love her but man she hates the dogs. She'll slap them if they get too close.

They have another cat, a siamese, but he's elusive and doesn't come out when it's just me in the living room. I also have a hedgehog, a leopard gecko, and temporarily a ferret(who will be going back to WonderPup when I make the trip back home).

As I get more and better pictures I'll probably be posting those. I'm so glad I found my camera parts!
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I'm sorry, am I seeing things?? Are Kaits nails... PINK?? ROFL, that is sooo un-you and at the same time sooooo YOU.

Glad you found the battery Yay!!! Think of all the fantastic pictures you'll be able to take of Z-man from day one :)

And WHERE may I ask are the photos of Blue and Savannah and the geckos who I don't know the names of ??
Lol everyone thinks she's a boy when they first see her, now no one has an excuse to be confused!

And the other critters will be next, and besides, you know what savannah looks like :p I was just being lazy and didn't feel like uploading more pics.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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