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Some good books on Poodle care?

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We picked up the Terra-Nova book called "The Toy and Miniature Poodle", but would like to read a few more books on poodle care before the puppy gets here. I have time, but I am a list maker, and we're kind of buying supplies while we wait to make the time seem like it's less, like we picked up a crate and food bowls this weekend :) Plus, since we are new to the world of poodles, we want to be as informed as possible and make sure we are doing our best by our dog. We know how to take care of a dog, but every breed is different :)
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A must have book in my opinion is "Poodle clipping and grooming" by Shirley kalstone. There is a lot of wonderful information on poodles as well as information on grooming, conformation, etc..... I think you have a mimi right? If per chance you have a standard "The complete Standard Poodle" by eileen geeson is wonderful. These are the two I go to most often. hope this helps:) You can find these books on Amazon for a better price than in the stores or trade shows
We'll be getting a mini. I was looking at the book by Shirley Kalstone, I will definitely put it on my list of must-buys. :)
Other supplies.....

Leash: I'm a snob about leashes and only thin leather will do for me. But seriously I find that thin leather handles and wears the best anyway. I absolutely can not stand nylon leashes especially the wide ones.

Collar: Leather.... see above.

Baby gates or X-pens: I use these to section off parts of my house to keep the puppy contained. This helps with house training.
We've already bought a few collars in gender neutral colors. I like nylon colors but prefer a leather leash. I grew up training dogs and those were the only approved ones we could have in the ring. We have thought about getting a little pen for in our kitchen, but with a crate and a pen I don't think we have enough space on linoleum.
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