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I"ve had my toy poodle, Marley, since May of this year. He is a resuce from a pretty bad puppy mill, and it took several weeks for MR. Marley to come around and trust and love me.

Now, my long-term boyfriend has moved in, and he's having the hardest time getting Marley to trust him and treat him the way Marley treats me. I've tried rewards and all other kinds of thing to get him to come around.

Any suggestions to get the two of them getting along like Marley and Me?
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I would have your boyfriend feed Marley and train him. Do anything that shows Marley that good thing happens when the boyfriend is around.
Try having him walk Marley. Ive heard walking together helps break down the insecurity and helps progress the dog's trust in the human.

Like Curley dog said too....definatly have your boyfriend feed Marley and give treats. I hope this helps some.
If you walk somewhere you can let your dog off the lead, play hide and seek with both you and your boyfriend having treats. Get the dog running back and forward finding you both and the excitement should do the rest.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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