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Good question. AKC doesn’t set the standard, Poodle Club of America does and AKC uses that criteria; therefore AKC matches PCA.

There’s also the difference in semantics. My minipoo is theoretically within the size limits of a moyen but she wasn’t born from parents who were registered as moyens by the FCI. I’ve met people with small standards who call their dogs moyen but again they didn’t have parents registered with FCI as moyens either but they aren’t much taller than my mini.

We know there were Poodles of different sizes before these organizations were born and started to develop a standard, registering dogs and holding conformation trials because we see them in paintings, tapestries and other art work. How and why the different categories of height were determined would be interesting to know. There must be some random preference involved. Maybe FCI just wanted to be different? Or they wanted more evenly spread out size categories?

I don’t know a lot about conformation but each dog breed club sets their own standards and some are complicated with many different categories such as American Cocker spaniel.
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