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Here are my suggestions - I am not a groomer BUT I do trim my poodles and have done some not so bad amature trims/cuts and took all the advice the more experienced people have had.

*Let the hair grow out on the top knot and as PC said do not trim the hair above those corners at the eyes.
*Please let the ancles and legs grow - even if it drives you nuts for a minute let them grow out, the feet ancles are cut really high up into the leg - they are seperate:)

In the feet - I hope I explain this right. When you feel the last knuckle in the foot do not trim past that.

Once you let him grow out some you will see it shaping itself and by watching it grow and checking pics out on here you will see where the trimming should take place. Your dog is a sweetheart, and will look ever more sweet with some length. The fluffys come from a high powered dryer. I temporarily use a small shop vac in reverse HEHE - but it was a recommendation from a forum member and for not it works alright:)

Search the older posts and you can find loads of pics to work from. I am looking for flyingdusters Paris at the moment to gage a trim as we speak LOL:)
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