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He has such an adorable expression. What a ham.

I would add that the fun with poodles is that they can be put into all sorts of haircuts, just like we do. You have already experimented with some fun things, like the beard.

A lot of people have a difficult time expressing what they want with a groomer. If the groomer doesn't do poodles all of the time, they may not know the questions to ask you either. Browse around the forum and find a picture (or several) that have the parts of the haircut you would like to try. Like a particular topknot, ears, body, legs, ect. It looks like there are some places that will need to grow if you want a more traditional look. That's ok. The picture will give the groomer a good idea of your overall goal over time.

One of the members drew several different styles then even made up some new ones. I think it is great inspiration when you are considering a new hairstyle. Here you go...

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