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On Sunday we had the first real snow I've seen in Virginia; 8+ inches. I would have enjoyed it much more had it not caused a 77 hour power outage. The power just came back last night.:whoo:

Anyway, Sammie had a blast in the snow, and did poodle zoomies all over the yard.:D


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I'm a florida girl, if I woke up one morning to find 8 inches of snow and no power to heat water for a hot shower and my morning cup -o- pepermint tea I think I might just keel right over..... at be such a big pain in the @$$ with all my complaining and bad temper that my hubby might just kill me LoL.

Still though glad to know that Sammie enjoyed the snow! He sure looks like he's had a blast. I love the clothes!! LoL.
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