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I'd never seen a dog sleep standing up until today. I was in the bath and Peggy was refusing to lay down next to me on the bath mat as she usually does. Instead she just stood there, staring at me, swaying a bit as her eyes closed and then abruptly waking herself up.

Has your poodle ever done this??

She's not in pain or anything. She's sprawled out snoozing with her head in my lap as I type this. But I think she was hoping I'd let her play with the bathwater. (Long boring story: I let her splash around a bit last week, to distract her from some loud scary noises, and clearly she's not forgotten.)

I know this is adolescence, but she really reminds me of a toddler!

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Noel would occasionally drop off sitting up. We'd watch her eyes close, she'd be upright for a minute or so then just sort of melt :).

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Aww Peggy you are such a character! 馃槃 I experienced this for the first time this week. I was grooming diva she was on the table and she slipped off, I had to catch her. Frightened me half to death!
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