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Silly Saff

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After ages of trying to get Saffy to hold the Dumbell, I thought it would be funny to see If I could get my 5 month old Dobermann puppy to try it.
Now he holds it until I tell him to let it go.
What has taken me nearly 4 months to try and teach to Saffy, took me 10 minutes to teach my 5 month old Dobermann lol

BTW, she doesn't like Dumbells anyway because my obedience instructor got her one too small, and it pinched her. So we are now working on a long bit of wood, without the ends to the dumbell, and she is doing it much better now, but not as good as the pup.

And what was even more funny, was when I was doing the dumbell with the pup, Saffy was sitting there jealously, so I brought it over to her and she held it for 3 seconds! So she got a click with lots of treats lol

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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