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Showing change of color

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Here are two pictures of Teddy - The dark one was taken last summer 2007 and the lighter one just yesterday - 2008. I didn't even realize that he had changed so much until I looked at that picture! wow!


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WE really don't know anything about him - he was approx 2 when we rescued him and he was among many dogs taken away from an old woman who used to breed but couldn't take care of the dogs anymore. I got the imression that he was very thin and he was shaved down so he probably had long matted hair - he was a mess with the sores form the scabies he had and he had kennel cough that turned into pneumonia from a shot that they gave him for the itching (instead of treating the scabies) I had orignally gone to this shelter to see another dog - a party poodle but she was wild - and then we saw Teddy and he was so calm - hah! until he got better - now hes mr excitement. So I don't know what color his parents were - I even speculated that he might be a labradoodle at first but he is looking more like just poodle now and that's what they told me - he was full poodle. there was probably a lot of in-breeding going on because of her not being able to take care of the dogs - he has bad separationg anxiety too.
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