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Show training

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does anyone have any tips ?

Enzo is difficult to get trotting right in the ring he wants to run. We need a new show collar and not sure which one to get. Our problem is keeping the chain high on the neck.

We will take him to this UKC show on sunday just for kicks lol I am meeting my friend there because he wants to show me his new amstaff puppy that he will soon be showing AKC.

He gets the standing part right. Now when we say stand ( i will see if I get it on tape lol) he walks to us and puts his face in our hand and positions him self lol.
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if you can get a better lead & loop rather than a chain it'll help, then you can tighten it up (obviously not actually TIGHT though!!) so that it sits high on his neck & in his neck hair, and *can't* really slip down! Other than that, the training will certainly help, just keep at it, stopping when he runs, and getting him trotting again, and he'll figure out that trotting is the way to go!
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