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Show me your Pet Clips!

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Either pics of a cute pet clip you've done on a dog you've groomed... or a cut you'd have your dog be in.

Lincoln and Tsuki are due for trims. I wanted to grow them out over the winter but with their coats still changing (they're about a year) I want it short and simple.

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What amateurs can do with professional clippers

We just got our new Andis 5-speed clipper yesterday and took it for a spin today. My husband does the clipping and I do the scissor work (that will come tomorrow). We get Lulu done professionally every 4th amateur cut or so, to get her back into shape.

We used a #7 on her face and tail and #5 on her body. It's shorter than I expected, but hubby was just getting a feel for the new clipper. Thank goodness it grows quickly. There are still some rough bits, but definitely worth the money. And spectacular compared to the $60 Wahl we were using (which was nearly dead).

Obviously we don't follow any style but short. Lulu doesn't seem to begrudge us our lack of skill. She's more clown than princess and goes with the flow.


41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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