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Show me your Pet Clips!

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Either pics of a cute pet clip you've done on a dog you've groomed... or a cut you'd have your dog be in.

Lincoln and Tsuki are due for trims. I wanted to grow them out over the winter but with their coats still changing (they're about a year) I want it short and simple.

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Oooh Harley I LOVE that first one you posted. I plan to get Desmond in that once he's older. :)

Right now I have him in a lamb trim. Blended the legs in a lot though, he's just under 1/2 inch on his legs, and a little less than 3/8 on his body. I agree with WonderPup that a Lamb Trim is good for easy-maintenance pet clips.

I like this as well:

It's short all over, but still leaves a bit of fluff for cuddling. It's not too hard to brush at all, so it would make the coat change easier.
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