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Show me your Pet Clips!

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Either pics of a cute pet clip you've done on a dog you've groomed... or a cut you'd have your dog be in.

Lincoln and Tsuki are due for trims. I wanted to grow them out over the winter but with their coats still changing (they're about a year) I want it short and simple.

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awsome pics everyone I love them all. I had grown Mandy out but then we moved she got spayed and I got pnomonia and well she is shaved back down to the bikini and not a very good one as I had just cut off her pom poms since she grew out so well LOL. She also had iodine stains on her back from her spaying.
She is also has licked all her front legs so they have that icky pink fur I wanted cut off.
She is bathed and dryed so just need to scissor her up and then let her grow again.
I had cut her top knot back not long ago to so she is a growing work in progress s I love her with a long top knot blended to her ears never that line at ears.
Casey has been rough clipped way down with the longest guide comb so needs a bath and scissoring. I can't believe how long and Matted he got in just a short busy month.
Everyone feeling great now so bath and finishing is coming
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