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Show Brag - Louis' King for a Day!

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I hope I can do show brags here - that this is the appropriate forum. Louis', our twelve month old puppy standard won his first show. Of course, he won it in a way befitting his personality. From the 12-18 month dog classes (he was 12 days past his first birthday, and for all intents and purposes the 12-18 class is a puppy class for Standards) he won Best of Variety and represented Standard Poodles in the Group ring. The Non-Sporting Group judged kept looking at him over and over during the judging process and when she pointed at the Sharpei standing next to him, I almost passed out! Going BOV on your first win as a puppy is one thing - but a group win!? No, it didn't pan out - no group win - but BOV is nothing to sneeze at.

  • His picture - the smiling lady is his breeder and handler Kellie Black. The Judge is Mr. Robert Stein
  • Here are the show results - wow . . it's still a little hard to believe! Just scroll down to Non-Sporting and select standard poodles. He is Le Vie's White Lightening Strikes Twice
I don't have any pictures or results to show, but he took Best of Opposites to the BIS Standard Poodle just this last Saturday . . .more information to follow!
Mark, Jamie, Samantha and Louis
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