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She's home!!!

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We travelled 700 miles today, round trip. It was so worth it. The lady we picked her up from, took very good care of her. Turns out she's actually a blue, not a black...makes no difference to me, she's still gorgeous. She rode very well. It took her a little bit to warm up to us, but once we made it home, she was waggin up a storm. Oh yeah, the name thing isn't an issue anymore. Her proper name on her papers is Gertrude, but she goes by Gigi or Gerty...we decided to keep Gerty. Will post welcome home pics soon.
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ahhhhhhh Poor girl must be so confusing for her. Give her time and lots of patience and lovings and she will be yours in no time.
You might want to go easy on treats so just feed her her dog kibble as treats out of your hands for every positive thing and that should help warm her up.
Good idea to have all family members do this so she doesn't get attatched to just one
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