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Sharing is Caring

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Flip just LOVES Jack's bed.

Jack isn't so excited about sharing.


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haha, well I can see why! It does look like Jack got the short end of the stick. Where before he got the whole bed to himself, now he's hanging off the edge of it while Jack lounges in comfort.

Time to get another dog bed methinks. :)
LOL, well Flip likes to share, but Jack (the cav) isn't too sure about it.
Ahhh, poor Jack needs a new bed, or one BIG one.
Hehe, the funny thing is, my sister made Flip a huge crate liner (It's cute, it's covered with Spongebob Squarepants fleece) and he has a super big bolster bed.
He just prefers Jack's bed. And food. And water.

Jack is usually very submissive, but he's been snapping/growling at Flip (not seriously, just trying to show Flip who is in charge.) Flip doesn't really care. :p
That is soooo funny!
We finally upgraded to the super big dog bed because even thou we had 3 separate beds (2 for the dobes and 1 for ponki) they all seemed to like the same one and would just dogpile onto one! LOL Which was never good for Ponki as she always ended up being squashed.
Great picture LOL!
Ohhh, how cute! They look so happy together...maybe not totally comfy, but definitely happy....lol.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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